Reclaiming Futures brings together judges, probation officers, treatment providers, families and community members to improve drug and alcohol treatment for young people in trouble with the law.  During a five-year pilot phase, Montgomery County Juvenile Court was one of 10 communities selected to participate in this national project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  These first 10 communities created and tested a new six-step model that screens teens for drug and alcohol problems, assesses the severity of substance use, provides prompt access to a treatment plan coordinated by a service team, and connects teens with employers, mentors and volunteer service projects.  Reclaiming Futures focuses on three common goals for teens: more treatment, better treatment and community connections beyond treatment.  We are now one of 37 sites across 18 states.

The Need is Real:

  • 6,710 young people were referred to Montgomery County Juvenile Court for criminal acts in 2011.  Of these, more than half were in need of substance abuse and/or mental heal treatment.
  • 40 percent were under age 15.
  • 2,069 were girls.
  • The youngest children were six years of age.
  • For the cost of incarcerating one person for one year, we can provide treatment for between 3 and 13 teens every year.
  • Allowing one youth to leave high school for a life of crime and drug abuse costs society up to $2.3 million.

More Treatment.   Better Treatment.  Beyond Treatment.
Despite efforts to get drug and alcohol treatment to youth who need it, estimates suggest that fewer than ten percent of youth who appear to need treatment ever get it.  Reclaiming Futures offers a team approach to breaking the cycle of drugs, alcohol and crime. The Reclaiming Futures Circle of Care Team typically includes the teenager, family members, probation officer, treatment counselor and community members who serve as mentors.

Treatment is tailored to the child’s gender, age, family culture and unique needs. Teachers, employers, mentors, faith-based groups and others help teens do better at school, get a job, volunteer for community service, develop new friendships and find positive social and recreational outlets.

Our Successes

  • Identified and publicly funded a primary treatment agency to provide alcohol and other drugs (AoD) treatment for court-involved youth.
  • Added a validated screening tool to identify youth coming into the court system with AoD challenges.
  • Implemented strength-based case management and motivational interviewing training practices for court, treatment and other partnering agency staff and incorporated it into all facets of the youth’s treatment experience.
  • Implemented Family Support Network evidence-based practice with primary treatment providers.
  • Incorporated MET/CBT (Motivation Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) into continuum of care for adolescents with primary treatment agencies.
  • Implemented a proven Functional Family Therapy treatment approach for adolescent girls and boys.
  • Established a Treatment Liaison between the Court, Crisis Care and primary treatment agency to help youth and their families navigate various systems of care and follow-through with treatment recommendations.
  • Implemented and sustained a Reclaiming Futures Natural Helper Program to match citizen volunteer mentors to court-involved youth and their families, including a Natural Helper and Parent Advisory Board.
  • Incorporated Crisis Care access to the Court’s information system to improve individual data collection and tracking of youth through treatment.
  • Launched a comprehensive communications plan with specific faith-based and civic outreach to increase positive natural helping support.


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