Lauren Smith, Transition Coordinator at Center for Adolescent Services
Phone: 937-687-9778

Tanya Bowens, Transition Coordinator at Downtown Juvenile Justice Center
Phone: 937.496.6850


To successfully re-integrate juveniles into the community and reduce recidivism rates through the achievement of social adjustment,
employment, and educational success.

*Data collection includes collecting school records, informal interviews with the students, etc.

Transition Stakeholders

Transition Team: Student, Parent or Guardian, MCJC Transition Coordinator, Building Coordinator, Special Education Teacher (if applicable), School Representative, Family Specialist, Probation Officer, other outside agencies (Lighthouse Youth Services, South Community, Eastway, etc).

Programs Serviced

  • JCARE-Anger Retention Treatment
  • JCARE-Specialized Treatment Programming
  • Center for Adolescent Services
  • Nicholas Residential Treatment Center