Presented below are Montgomery County Juvenile Court’s Annual Reports. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of case activity information on children who are alleged to be traffic offenders, delinquent, unruly (including tobacco related), neglected, dependent or abused and their families. It also provides information on civil cases regarding parentage, child custody, support and visitation and deals with adult misdemeanor crimes against children.

These reports also highlight the many programs that our Court uses in working with youth in our juvenile justice system and describe the services and programs provided by the Court. The Juvenile Court is always pursuing collaborations with other youth-serving organizations and juvenile justice organizations in the community so that innovative programs and services can be implemented for Court involved youth and families.

We strive for excellence in the delivery of fair and timely justice for our youthful offenders. While we hold them responsible for their actions, we also provide them with important rehabilitation.

Juvenile Court Annual Reports

Common Pleas Court Annual Reports

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