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“Fostering an educational growth mindset in each of our students toward their realization of a better tomorrow”

Director of Education

Administrative Assistant
Tara Tanner

MCJCS is a non-graded non-public school district chartered by the Ohio Department of Education that offers a comprehensive and individualized year round educational programming to students placed in each of three facilities within the county: Nicholas Residential Treatment Center (NRTC), Center for Adolescent Services (CAS), and the Juvenile Justice Center (Detention). The district employs 16 fulltime appropriately licensed teachers to facilitate instruction for each core academic content area, art, and physical education in addition to 3 licensed K-12 intervention specialists. Facility direct-care staff provides support in the classroom in most cases as well. In addition to instructional staff, the district employs 2 fulltime transition coordinators who collaborate with districts of residence to obtain student records, assist with transcripts, and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to ensure youth are empowered to be as successful in the most appropriate educational placement possible once they reenter the community. Building Coordinators at NRTC and CAS are school administrators duly licensed by the Ohio Department of Education and OTES certified to coordinate instructional programming for all school staff housed within their facilities.

We offer a high school based program that allowed students to continue to earn credits towards graduation that are in alignment with school districts across the State of Ohio. Post-secondary programs are also offered, including a partnership with Sinclair College.