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CASA Volunteer Application


CASA volunteers work by judicial appointment. They are assigned to a child who is the subject of a court case alleging abuse, neglect or dependency, and are asked to help determine the living arrangement that is in the child’s best interest. In this role, the CASA volunteer has four primary duties:

  1. INVESTIGATE:  CASA volunteers research the child’s circumstances; determine relevant facts in a child’s case; and report this information to the court
  2. FACILITATE: The CASA volunteer identifies resources and services for the child and facilitates a collaborative relationship between all parties involved in the case, helping to create a situation where the child’s needs can be met.
  3. ADVOCATE: The CASA volunteer speaks up for the child by making recommendations regarding the child’s best interest.
  4. MONITOR: The CASA volunteer will monitor a case-making sure that services are provided for the child; court orders are carried out; and that the court is informed of any new developments.

TIME COMMITMENT: 30 hours pre-service training; 12 hours of annual in-service training; other flexible hours as necessary for the assigned case (on average, 2-20 hours per month).


  1. Must be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Must successfully pass screening/background checks.
  3. Successful completion of pre-service training program.
  4. Attend a minimum of 12 in-service hours annually.
  5. Able to respect and relate to individuals from various backgrounds and cultures in a caring and sensitive manner.
  6. Good oral/written communication skills and computer skills.
  7. Understands and is willing to commit to a two year volunteer position serving on a minimum of one (1) assigned case.
  8. Willing to accept supervision, training and evaluation from the professional staff.
  9. Able to provide own transportation.
  10. Must have flexibility in your schedule during the day to attend hearings and case related meetings.
  11. Must be a dedicated child advocate, willing to learn the best possible means to assure that the needs of the children in the Montgomery County juvenile system are being met.


Pre-Service is held in the Juvenile Justice Center. Trainings are typically held on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm.