Sealing and Expungement

Clerk’s Office


  • “Seal a record” – most juvenile delinquency, unruly, traffic cases and adult misdemeanors heard in Juvenile Court are eligible for sealing. For juveniles, 2 years must pass between the last contact with the Court and the sealing occurs. References to the case are destroyed by other agencies, but the case can be re-opened, for a review, by a court order.
  • “Expunge” – only cases that have been previously sealed; all reference to the case is destroyed, so that the record is permanently irretrievable.

Juvenile Process Overview:

  • Contact Intervention Center
  • Intervention Center completes research for Judge
  • Judge reviews Request, previous cases and current record
  • Clerk’s Office Seals or Expunges case upon Judge’s Order

*Note: not ALL requests for sealing or expungement are approved.

Need more information or want to apply for a sealing or expungement?

Please contact the Intervention Center at 937-225-4141