About Us

Nicholas Residential Treatment Center

Director, William Shaffer
Deputy Director, Elizabeth Yingst

We recognize that quality employees are critical ingredients in operating a solid, quality program. Managing by teamwork and focusing on a unified mission gives youth a chance to see adults modeling cooperation, respect, and good communication skills.


Nicholas utilizes interactive supervision methods to promote relationships between staff and youth. Each youth entering the program is assigned a Support Staff that is responsible for one-on-one interaction, assessment, support and case summary. All staff engages in as many activities with the youth as possible, including sitting and eating meals with them and exercising with them when appropriate. Staff members are age-appropriate role models, and by staying involved with the youth in their care, they are more able to ascertain the attitudes, mental states, personalities and needs of individuals. A basic tenet of Nicholas’s supervision is involvement.


Staff are hired based on their work experience, educational level and their motivation to work with youth. The following specific requirements are applicable to all Direct Care Staff:

  • Managers – Bachelor/Master Degree
    • Ensure compliance with licensure and accreditation
    • Oversee building level operations
    • Review program’s policy and procedures
    • Communicate with community stakeholders
    • Provide training needs for staff
    • Review youth needs on a program and individual level
  • Teachers – Bachelor Degree/Master’s Degree
    • Provide Academic Instruction to students in Core Areas (Math, Science, English, and Social Studies)
    • Maintains student Academic Progress records (Grades, Goal Progress, Test Results, etc.)
    • Provides differentiated Instruction to all students allowing for varied ability levels, background knowledge, and special needs
    • Maintain safe classroom environments conducive to learning
  • Probation Officers – Bachelor Degree
    • Supervise youth who are on probation placed by the Court
    • Oversee all court hearing and orders made
    • Aid youth in completion of community service and restitution
    • Work directly with you on case planning and criminogenic risk factors
  • Case Manager – Bachelor Degree
    • Develops Service Plans and program goals with youth
    • Communicates monthly progress with placement agencies
    • Ensures medical needs of youth are met
  • Youth Specialist III – Bachelor Degree
    • Ensure the health, safety and welfare of all students and staff.
    • Model and ensure all program norms are upheld without compromise
    • Treat others with respect and dignity
    • Adhere to the daily schedule
    • Interactive supervision of students
  • Support Staff – Certified Staff
    • Prepare and serve daily meals
    • Maintain facility appearance and health standards
    • Level 1 Food Service and Surf Safe Certified