The Intervention Center

Court Departments

Tiffany Dulin

Administrative Assistant
Stacie Campbell

The Intervention Center (IC) is a 24-hour, 7 days a week facility specializing in the intake, case processing, and screening and assessment of all youth referred to the Montgomery County Juvenile Court for delinquency and unruly behavior. Referrals come from a variety of sources including law enforcement, schools, and parents. The Secure Receiving Unit of the IC provides law enforcement a safe and secure place to bring juveniles who are physically arrested, but unable to be released outright. It allows police officers the ability to return to duty quicker, while IC staff thoroughly assess the youth, link to services and formulate an informed placement decision.

Parents who need support and guidance with addressing an unruly child are able to walk into the IC and get that assistance at any time. The Assessment Unit provides crisis intervention, screening and assessment, and linkage to appropriate services to the community, 24/7.

The Intervention Center provides the case processing of all new charges that the Court receives. The majority of referrals generated from law enforcement are mailed into the Court and the IC facilitates the associated clerical responsibilities from electronic case creation, to scheduling the appointments for both the official and unofficial dockets.

The Court’s unofficial hearings and diversionary programming are also housed within the IC. There are numerous specialized units that provide assessment, linkage to services and case management to youth who have yet to penetrate the official Court system. Regardless of how youths arrive at the IC, services are made immediately available to each youth and their families.