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Important Information for All Pro Se Filers (Filing without an Attorney)

Child Custody

READ FIRST – Helpful Hints and FAQ (Pro Se Custody)

Change of Custody Packet
Download Packet

Parent Custody
Download Packet

Non-Parent Custody Packet
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Child Support

Modification of an Existing Order
Download Packet

Initiate Child Support Packet (5 Forms)
Download Packet

Objection to an Administrative Support Order Packet (5 Forms)
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Terminate Support and Forgive Arrears Packet
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Contempt of the Court

Contempt Packet
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Grandparent Caretaker Authorization Affidavit (CAA) Packet (5 Forms)
Download Packet

Grandparent Power of Attorney (POA) Packet (5 Forms)
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Objection / Set Aside / Transcript Request

Objection / Motion to Set Aside / Transcript Request (1 Form)
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Parentage / Paternity

Establish Parentage / Paternity Packet
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Disestablish Paternity Packet
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Sealing and Expunging Records

Shared Parenting

Shared Parenting Packet
Download PacketShared Parenting Packet


Change of Visitation (Change / Modify Prior Order) Packet
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Parent Visitation (No Prior Order) Packet
Download PacketParent Visitation (No Prior Order) Packet

Non-Parent Visitation Packet
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