Center for Adolescent Services

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William Shaffer

Administrative Assistant
Crystal Cunningham

The Center for Adolescent Services is a Community Correctional Facility for the Montgomery County Juvenile Court that provides services for both males and females. Under the leadership of Judge Helen Wallace and Judge Julie Bruns, the facility provides evidence based therapeutic and treatment services for felony adjudicated youth.

The facility is unique from other Community Correctional Facilities in the State of Ohio as a result of an agreement reached in 2014 between Montgomery County Juvenile Court and the Ohio Department of Youth Services. This agreement resulted in 15 of the female beds in the facility being utilized for young ladies committed to the Ohio Department of Youth Services. The facility puts a strong emphasis on going beyond conventional treatment services by integrating the 40 Developmental Assets into case management, therapeutic groups, and daily activities. This strength based, asset-driven approach creates a welcoming environment for guests, residents, and staff.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strengthen the community by role modeling and empowering the residents and families we serve to develop positive and responsible decision-making skills.

Administrative Staff

  • William Shaffer- Director
  • Erin Griffith – Deputy Director
  • Alexandria Burke – Program Manager
  • Ben Rosenbauer- Program Manager
  • Tameka Thomas – Family Specialist Supervisor
  • Heidi Green – DYS Liaison


CAS continues to be accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA).  ACA Accreditation is a system of verification that correctional agencies/facilities comply with national standards promulgated by the American Correctional Association. Accreditation is achieved through a series of reviews, evaluations, audits and hearings.

The advantages and benefits of accreditation are numerous and include

  1. The assessment of a facility’s strengths and weaknesses
  2. The identification of obtainable goals
  3. The implementation of state-of-the-art policies and procedures
  4. The establishment of specific guidelines for daily operations
  5. Aid in the defense of frivolous lawsuits
  6. An increase of community support
  7. A higher level of staff professionalism and morale

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Department of Youth Services

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