Program Concepts

Center for Adolescent Services

CAS Academy

Mission Statement: Educational staff will provide a supportive environment where you can recognize your potential and become productive, life-long learner.  Residents will leave with increased:

  • Effective communication skills.
  • Problem-solving abilities.
  • Self-esteem and educational confidence.
  • Sense of responsibility and accountability for their actions.
  • Motivation to continue with educational and positive life pursuits.

Residents are expected to participate actively and responsibly in the CAS Academy on a daily basis. Resident’s success in this area means attending school and participating in each subject.


Upon completion of placement, academic performance is forwarded to the identified school of record.  The information forwarded to the school includes the following.

  • Transcript of Academic Performance
  • Current Individualized Education Plan (if applicable)

Special Education

Special education programming is made available to meet the needs of special education students as defined in public law.

Post-Secondary Education Opportunities

Post-secondary opportunities are made available to meet the needs of residents that have completed high school graduation requirements.

CBT Phase Groups

CBT groups focus on particular needs within personal programs.  Success will be measured by voluntary leadership, demonstrated relapse prevention skills, and facilitation (leading) groups with staff and peers.

Program Services:

Medical Services:

Upon admission, or within seventy-two (72) hours of admission, resident will meet with the facility Nurse for a health care screening and examination. At which times, all aspects of health care services are explained. All residents requesting medical services must submit a medical request slip as outlined above. Medical request forms are available on all units and resident have the right to unimpeded access to them. A sick call will be held twice daily. Residents who have an immediate medical need, will receive an immediate medical response. Parents will be contacted as needed.

Religious Services:

Religious services consist of non-denominational education. The facility provides adequate space for spiritual services. Residents have the opportunity to participate in practices of their religious faith in accordance with legislation of the authority having jurisdiction. Residents are provided access to religious resources, services, instruction, and counseling on a voluntary basis.  Residents are permitted to practice their faith so long as such practices do not jeopardize the safety and security of the facility.

Mental Health Treatment:

Wright State SOPP offers individual counseling as well as psychological testing.

South Community provides full-time individualized mental health counseling in addition to alcohol and drug specific counseling.

Lighthouse comes in on an as needed basis for sex offender specific counseling.

Montgomery County Reclaiming Futures offers Natural Helpers (mentors) that are specially matched with Residents to provide positive role models and motivators.


CAS provides time within programming to allow residents to complete restitution hours. This is optional but highly recommended as it can drastically decrease the hours that youth will need complete upon their release.

  • Pet Therapy
  • Restorative Justice
  • Crochet
  • Art Projects: K12, projects with director
  • Weekly Incentives
  • Holiday Parties
  • Guest Speakers
  • Special Off-Ground Outings such as sports games, restaurants, theater, gardening, and community support activities