Parent Responsibilities

Center for Adolescent Services

Family Sessions

Family sessions are scheduled through the assigned family specialist. These are bi-weekly sessions and focus on learning CBT skills individualized for each family.

Parents/guardians are expected to actively participate during these sessions which are designed to support the youth’s needs to be successful upon his/her return to the community.

Clinical Meetings

This is a monthly collaborative approach where families can engage with the CAS treatment team, assigned therapist, education, probation, and medical personnel that work with the resident to better reintegrate them back into the community and ensure all needs are being met.


Parents/guardians are responsible for attending all court hearings and pre-release meetings.


Parents/guardians are expected to be available for contact from family specialists, therapists, and medical personnel if necessary to communicate information about the child.

Home Visits

Leave passes are scheduled by the assigned Family Specialist. Residents must be in good standing within the program to participate and must be approved by all departments. Leave passes will not be scheduled prior to 3:00 p.m. on Friday and will not exceed 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, unless requested and approved in writing.  All residents will complete one, twelve (12) hour and two, twenty-four (24) home visits during the re-entry phase. Leave times will not be extended, unless approved in writing by Administration.

  • Parents/guardians are to report to the sally port and will be permitted into Intake after their person and belongings are searched. Failure to bring identification will immediately forfeit the resident’s leave.
  • Detection of alcohol or other substances will cause the immediate denial of resident’s leave.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible to continue any requirements for medication.
  • Parents/guardians will bring climate appropriate clothing, (i.e., undergarments, socks, pants, shirts, shoes and coats), for residents to wear when processed out of the facility.
  • If your child leaves home without your consent and/or fails to return at assigned time, CAS will initiate contact with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and/or local law enforcement to begin the official process of declaring your child AWOL (Absent Without Leave).