Probation Services

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Tricia Lucido

Administrative Assistant
Davonne Smith

The Probation Services Department is staffed by a Director, Management team, Supervisory team, Probation Officers, and Support staff. The Department is centrally located within the county to ensure easy access for the families served. The mission of the Department extends beyond ensuring that youth meet their Court obligations. Probation Services is dedicated to upholding a high standard, striving to provide new and enhance existing programs that build on the strengths and families it serves.

Probation Services continues its focus on providing evidence-based services for the youth and families in its charge. In 2019, the Department continued utilizing the Learning Independence and Family Empowerment (LIFE) program, which connects probationers to Functional Family Therapy (FFT), placed emphasis on the use of Motivational Interviewing, and increased the use of Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Trauma Focused therapy models in its programs. Going into 2020 the department will introduce Transformational Probation, which focuses on a youth’s team approach to address issues/behaviors. Studies have shown that continued court involvement only increases the likelihood a youth stays involved in the legal system. The Transformational approach allows the youth to develop a support team to lean on to make better choices/decisions.

Department Structure

The Probation Services Department is comprised of the following units and programs: Traditional Unit, Resource Planning Program (RPP),  Adult Probation, Juvenile Treatment Court (JTC), Family Treatment Court (FTC), Evening Reporting Center I & II (ERC), Community Based Services (CBS), Juvenile Court Work Program (JCWP), and Transportation. The Probation Departments general phone number is 937.225.4162.