Probation Administration

Probation Services

The primary mission of Montgomery County Juvenile Court Probation Services is to provide effective, quality services to both youth and families of Montgomery County, as well as, to protect the citizens of Montgomery County by providing effective case management to youthful offenders placed on probation supervision.

We operate from a strength-based perspective in providing case management services. The strength-based approach to case management demands a different way of looking at individuals, families and communities. Meaning, all youth must be seen in the light of their capacities, talents, competencies, possibilities, visions, values and hopes, however dashed and distorted through circumstance, oppression, and trauma.

We pride ourselves in delivering effective programming and excellent customer service. We recently improved upon our hours of operation as a result. All staff members are available during evening hours in order to better serve our youth, families, and the community. Probation Services continues to collaborate with community partners in order to provide a broad range of services. We are committed to regularly analyzing our department in an effort to develop ways to evaluate and improve the service(s) that we provide.

Probation Services is organization into nine units: Unit 1 (Traditional Probation), Juvenile Court Work Program (JCWP), Resource Planning Program (RPP), Community Based Services (CBS), Intensive Probation (IPSU), Juvenile Treatment Court (JTC), Family Treatment Court (FTC), Reclaiming Futures and the Evening Reporting Center (ERC 1 & 2).