Medical Services

Detention Services

Detention Services has a full medical team that provides round the clock attention for detained youth. The team consists of a contracted Physician whom serves as the health authority, Registered Nurse Supervisor and Trained Medical Technicians. The Court also has written agreements with physicians, local hospitals, and/or health care clinics that provide 24-hour, seven days a week medical coverage for the purpose of consultation, advice and emergency services.

Each youth is provided confidential medical care from the time of admission throughout the period of detainment or program completion. This continuous care includes screening for medical history upon detainment, a complete physical exam for all youth and any additional care as needed. Youth have the ability to request medical attention through daily sick calls in which medical staff offer those with non-emergency health care needs triage and treatment. Any urgent or emergency health concerns are tended to immediately. If a youth is in need of transport to a local hospital, or other services, every attempt is made to contact the parent/guardian in real time.

Medical staff administers prescribed medications on a daily basis. Parents/guardians are encouraged to drop off a youth’s medication(s) while they are housed in Detention Services for continuity of medical needs. These can be dropped off by visiting the Detention Services Intake window, at the Juvenile Justice Center, by asking for a member of the Medical Department. All prescriptions must be in their original prescription bottle and must be within 30 days of the original issuance date. No over the counter (otc) medications will be accepted as the department has these readily available. When a youth’s prescription is running low, the Medical Department will contact the parent/guardian in an attempt to have the prescription refilled and brought to the facility.

Any medically related questions or concerns may be addressed by contacting Detention Services’ Program Manager Debra Crouch at (937) 225-4229 or (937) 224-3545.