Special Visits

Detention Services

Special visitations require prior authorization and approval from Juvenile Court Judges or Detention Administration. Special visits may be granted on a case-by-case basis to those requesting the visit. Special visits are limited to 30 minutes and will take place in designated visitation rooms to be monitored by Program Managers, assigned Probation Officers or other authorized Detention Services staff members.

Special visits are typically reserved for those parents/guardians who are unable to visit at regularly scheduled visitation times due to scheduling conflicts, physical distance to the facility, or approved family related issues. Parents/guardians of youth who have been committed to the Ohio Department of Youth Services, sentenced to adult prison or are going to be placed outside Montgomery County may request to arrange for a special visitation prior to their departure by contacting Detention Administration at (937) 496-7324.

Authorized visitors for special visitation include parents, legal guardians, step-parents, grand-parents, close adult relatives, siblings and children of detained youth meeting the previously noted criteria. Visitors will be limited to no more than six (6) at any given time. Special visits should be rescheduled for a regular visitation time whenever possible to utilize resources. Staff also encourages special visitation with youth’s own children utilizing the special visitation process.