Detention Services

Detention Services offers comprehensive programming for youth housed in its facility. Although a majority of a youth’s day is spent in educational programming; the facility offers a wide array of additional services/programming that challenge thinking errors, provide necessary contact with positive outside community resources and improve the conditions of confinement for all youth. We are continually recruiting new community resources to assist in providing real growth and change opportunities for our youth.

Additional services/programming include but are not limited to:

  • Religious Programming and Weekly Service
  • PBIS Incentive Based Activities and Commissary
  • PBIS Resource Guide Groups
  • Skill Streaming Groups
  • Free Recreation
  • PREA Education
  • Level System Incentives
  • Risky Business Groups
  • Girl Scouts Groups
  • Project Empower
  • Go for the Gold Groups
  • Restorative Justice ARTS
  • Bill Glass Champions for Life Ministries
  • Community Guest Speakers
  • Generation Rx/Community Wellness Forums

For additional information concerning Detention Services programming please contact Program Manager Debra Crouch during regular business hours at (937) 224-3545