Visitation Rules

Detention Services

Visitors entering the Juvenile Justice System will be subjected to screening. This includes passage through a metal detector and further magnetometer wanding if appropriate. A visitor may be further searched and/or wanded when there is reasonable suspicion to believe contraband is coming into the facility (e.g. drugs, cigarettes, matches, lighters, etc.), or has been passed to a youth during visitation. The visitor will be informed about why the request for the search is being made and will be completed by Merchant’s Security.

All visitors entering into secure detention will be required to sign in and provide valid identification for verification purposes (e.g. driver’s license, state issued ID, passport, etc.). They will then be given a visitor’s pass and badge and escorted to the appropriate floor’s visitation room. If a visitor leaves visitation for any reason they will not be permitted back into visitation.

Visitors must place all coats, jackets, zippered sweat suit tops, handbags, phones and button up sweaters in a locker provided by Detention Services. All inappropriate tattoos must be covered prior to visitation. No unauthorized items will be allowed in secure detention.

Visitation will close 15 minutes after each scheduled visitation start time with no exceptions. This means that if the visitation start time is 6:30 pm, no visitor will be allowed to sign in and visit after 6:45 pm.

All visitors must be appropriately dressed. Attire that is too revealing or that glorifies/promote drugs, gangs, violence or any type of socially unacceptable behavior will be considered inappropriate and a basis for visitation denial. Additionally; visitors will not be permitted to wear hats, do-rags, sleeveless shirts/dresses, cutoff shorts, hip hugger muscle shirts, sheer/bare midriffs, strapless tops, tube tops, tank tops, body suits, spandex, swimsuits and see-through clothing.

Visitation may be denied for reasons that threaten the safety and security of the facility including, but not limited to; a visitor being or appearing to be under the influence of any intoxicating substance, inappropriate dress, failure to exhibit valid identification, producing false identification, disruptive or uncooperative behavior, and passing or attempting to pass any contraband to a youth.