Mental Health Services

Detention Services

Montgomery County Juvenile Court contracts mental health services through South Community’s Caring for Kids division (CFK). CFK provides mental health services consisting of but not limited to, Behavior Health Screens (BHS), Diagnostic Assessments, Pharmacology Management, Psychiatry Assessments, and Treatment Plans.

CFK therapists are typically available on site every day, 24 hours a day. A psychiatric nurse is on site in addition to a contracted Psychiatrist with the ability to prescribe medications. Therapists’ review all admissions screenings with mental health recommendations, interview and test to assess intellect and coping capabilities, assess/reassess alcohol/drug (AoD) behavior, complete and review risk status forms to identify youth at high risk for suicide ideation, and perform evaluations and/or Suicide Lethality Assessments.

CFK Therapists are available to consult with any youth in need of immediate mental health services. They provide on-going contact with youth confined youth.